Wednesday, June 08, 2016 11:57AM
By Walden's Photography

My earliest memory of my dad...always fixing something that was broken OR building something new out of old parts found on a curb somewhere!  In fact, later in his life, we did a photograph of his hands as they were his way, his instrument, of showing love.

We called it, "Hands of Time" and it won lots of awards. But that didn't matter to those whom he helped with his hands.

These hands fixed washers and dryers for those whose income didn't allow for new ones. In fact, I remember one sweet lady who paid him in quarters over time (total amount of this transaction was $20.00) and he guaranteed his work for one full year!

Dads...they raise us, love us and then challenge us to be the best version of ourselves we can be. I will always be indebted to my father!

"My father didn't tell me how to live, he lived and let me watch him do it."


Why not give your dad a gift that will be cherished, that will never be returned or unwanted...a Walden portrait

In honor of Father's Day this year, we have created special Gift Certificates for our new**Gallery portrait, and the certificate will come beautifully boxed and tied with sumptuous satin ribbon. No need for gift wrapping here! 

You simply pre-purchase a Gallery portrait ($499.00) and we will include the Gallery frame and conservation clear glass, saving you $124.00.

*Gallery portraits are black and white, 11x14 fine art portraits, matted in 16x20, 8-ply acid free mat.

**Sessions may be scheduled all through the summer and must be completed by August 31, 2016.

Call us: 859.263.2888

Text us: 859.221.2889

Email us:

Let us know you want to pick one up and we will have it ready for you! Simple. Easy. Perfect. Love.

Beverly Walden


Friday, June 03, 2016 3:22PM
By Walden's Photography

The Walden Gallery showing at our exhibit at Fayette Mall and our studio.

Just like the story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the NEW Gallery Portraits are not too big, not too small, BUT they are just right to build a Gallery Wall in your home.

Right now, they are showcased at our Fayette Mall exhibit. And, just in time for Father's Day, you can purchase a Gift Certificate for the Gallery Portrait and you have until the end of August to have your session complete.

The Walden Gallery Portrait

Watch as Tim describes the Walden Gallery Portrait, another great offering at Walden's Photography.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 10:18AM
By Beverly Walden

{Introducing the NEW Gallery Black and White Wall Portrait}

Sitting in our den with our youngest daughter as she was packing to move out, she pulled out and dusted off a shoebox full of snapshots. Going through them brought back so many memories of her growing up years; we laughed and we cried, remembering with her. 

After picking up the last stack and looking through them, we all realized that there were no snapshots for the last eight years or approximately the time she has had a cell phone and used that as her only source of photos…and she had never had them printed. Now her shoebox was empty!

We will never get those years (and memories) back again. They are lost!

As print artists, we have made it our mission to make sure your children (and their children) have art that celebrates your family and its history. That is why we continue to offer archival, stable fine art portraits. Hand-printed and using the most stable techniques and materials matters to us! Why? Because we don't want to see a generation without any portraits to pass down to their children and grandchildren.

In fact, we have a portrait of Tim's grandfather as a young child displayed here in the studio that is 108 years old. If this image was captured on a phone or digital camera and never printed, we would not have it now…and it is part of our beloved history.

One of the unintended consequences of digital photography is the loss of printed art…the empty shoebox.

Here is some great news…along with our vendors, we have created a special "gallery" offering. Due to the unique size and format, we can offer these portraits at an amazing price point that will allow you to build (and add to) a gallery of stable fine art black and white portraits. Start your gallery with several Gallery Portraits or one at a time…it's up to you. 

Here's the SCOOP!

  • The image is 11x14, hand-printed by Tim, a Master Printer, on Canson fine art paper, a paper manufacturer that has been around since 1557!
  • The image is matted to 16x20 in an acid-free 8-ply white mat.
  • The image is framed in a beautiful 3" moulding with conservation clear glass.
  • This is the only size we offer as a Gallery Portrait.
  • This is part of our black and white fine art line and not available in color.


Here are some ideas on hanging the Gallery Portraits in your home.



Don't procrasinate...join us today in "filling your shoebox" with memories!

To reach us, you may call the studio at 859.263.2888 or email us at

Until next time...Tim and Bev

Monday, May 16, 2016 6:41PM
By Walden's Photography

Are you unsure about the best ages to have your children photographed? 


Your Life In Portraits provides a timeline that we, as photographers for over 30 years, suggest for top results and answers the all important question, "What are the best ages to have my child/children photographed?"


-We know it is confusing to decide as every age is precious and needs to be remembered and snapshots on an iPhone leave you without any quality PRINTED portraits. 


-We know that parents are typically not the BEST people to photograph their own children. 


-We know that strategically placed family photos are an effective way to reinforce your child's self-image and self-confidence.


-We know that you are busier than ever before and it's easy to procrastinate on having your children photographed.


That is why we developed Your Life In Portraits. If you simply select the Milestone Portrait under each Stage, you will have a beautiful and meaningful flow of imagery to connect your child from Babyhood to Young Adult. 


Dr. Krauss, an author and Cleveland psychologist, finds the idea of a family photo gallery particularly appealing. "What it says to a child is, 'I'm important in this family.' " It also shows a child he or she is meaningfully connected to others in the pictures. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 2:12PM
By Beverly Walden

This is the sentiment of many photographers who have decided kids just aren't their "thing" and they would rather literally do anything else than take on the kiddos!

Here at Walden's, that is what we do, day in and day out, it is our specialty and we love it. With Tim being a second-generation photographer, he learned how to handle just about any situation at a young age. wasn't until we had our own two girls that we became really comfortable with children in our camera room. 

Although we can handle most situations, we do ask you to help us out by reading these tips on your part in this adventure.

Tip 1: Please, please don't practice the "camera smile" with your kids or tell them to smile for the camera. It is not what we are looking for in our portraiture. Once they get it in their heads, it is very hard to get them comfortable with us and give us a natural expression. Let us work with them-we know how to draw exactly the right expressions at the right time.

Tip 2: If possible, rest out front while we work with your kids in the camera room. Of course, we know if your children are two years or younger, we will most likely need you close and maybe even in the portrait with them. However, older kids do better when they have only one person to focus on (Mr. Tim) and it allows him to capture their unique personality.

Tip 3: Often parents are tempted to try to help get their kiddos to cooperate. When our eldest daughter was five years old, we took her to Indianapolis to be photographed by a world famous photographer. Did she behave? Of course not! We were embarrassed from our head to our toes, but then the photographer said something we will never forget. She said it was the kids with those types of personalities (a bit rambuctious) that she loved as their personalities really came through in a portrait. We were greatly relieved!

Sure, we want your kids to listen and behave appropriately, but when you step in to "help" and are frustrated or anxious, we get either tears or the types of expressions that the kids are trained to give for mom and dad. . . that’s not what we are going for.

 Unless we are really stuck, we won't ask you to intervene. This not only ensures we have the opportunity to connect with your kids the way we're hoping to, but it also alleviates a lot of pressure. 

Tip 4: Do the Design Appointment before your portrait each and every time as it helps us prepare for the best outcome. The success of your portrait rests on the Design Appointment as we learn the personalities of your kids along with other personal information that we use in the session during our guessing games. Engaging their minds is the best way to create those expressions that you love to see.  

Believe it or not, sessions involving your children can be fun, peaceful and even relaxing! Simply allow us to do what we have been trained and been doing since Tim's dad started our business.


Until next time,